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In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 2015 Calls to Action, ‍‍ Josh Hellyer was invited on a journey to collect one-on-one interviews with survivors of the Indian Residential School System The following interviews are to serve as a piece of historical documentation as well as an education mechanism for generations of Canadians to learn about the legacy of the Residential School System.

At the request of the survivors the interviews remain largely unedited or enhanced (except during instances of technical disruption).

These videos are free for use by anyone, with only traditional broadcast limitations.

Special thanks to the Woodlands Cultural Centre.

Bud White Eye - Part 1‍‍‍: Bud's journey to the Mohawk Residential School.

Bud White Eye - Part 2: Bud's first day, and his attempts to flee the school.

Bud White Eye - Part 3: Sexual assault & abuse.

Bud White Eye - Part 4: Returning to the schoo‍‍‍l & freedom.

Bud White Eye - Part 5: The apologies and truth.

Bud Whit‍‍‍e Eye

Roberta‍‍‍ Hill

Roberta Hill -‍‍‍ Part 1: Roberta's first days, silence and abuse.

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‍‍‍Roberta Hill - Part 2: Roberta's road to ‍‍‍healing.

‍‍‍More interviews c‍‍‍oming soon...

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